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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black Dresser

I can't believe I haven't posted in almost three weeks. I have had so much to share, but haven't gotten around to taking pictures so I could. I finished a dresser that has been in dire need of a paint job for at least two years as well as a table I have had even longer. I am really pleased with how they both turned out.  I will post about the dresser now and save the table for a later post.
Here she is getting ready to be repainted. She was a dark brown. You can't see how bad the paint job is from the pictures, but believe me it is not good. I picked her up at a yard sale for $35 a couple of years ago. She came with a beautiful mirror attached that I did repaint right away and it now hangs in my guest room. I guess I will have to share that one too one day. She also had no knobs at all. 
 Here comes Zeus, he always needs to be in on the action.
Pretty dismal picture, sorry the sun was a bit bright that morning. Can you believe this has been in place for several years with me only dreaming of paint. Now she is finally ready to start the transformation.
And here she is all finished, isn't she beautiful?
I painted her with Behr Black Suede semi gloss. I was going to distress her, but decided against it. I may in the future, but for now I like her the way she is. My sweet sister who lives near a Hobby Lobby got me the clock knobs. I have been wanting some and of course there are no Hobby Lobbys in the whole state of Oregon. I do wonder why, love that place. Whenever I visit my sister I want to take the whole store back with me. Unfortunately what I want to take won't fit into my suitcase!!

Another view. I love the black against the red walls. I know a lot of you are doing away with the red and leaning towards lighter colors, but I do love my red walls. Took me a long time to convince my husband it was OK to paint a wall red. Also love the richness of it.

Close up of the knobs. I love clocks so this is perfect for me. My grandson Marcus and I went on a hunt and found 38 clocks in my house. I really thought I might have more, but that is all. Need a few more, don't you think? 

Check out those sexy legs!

Loving the new look. Let me know what you think.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finally Finished...

I am posting this as my favorite redo of 2011. It was hard to decide since most of my redos were pretty well drastic makeovers. But this one is dear to my heart since it is a family heirloom. So here it goes:

Well I finally finished something that I have been going to do for years now. I blogged about it here:


My father was given this piece in 1948, soon after my parents were married. He used it as a shaving mirror. Interesting, eh? Since this was so old, I wasn't exactly sure what to do with it.  My siblings said to restain it, but it was in such poor condition that wasn't an option. So I forged ahead. Now have I peaked your interest? Here it is before I started.
 Pretty beat up and with water stains in the shelf area. At one point in its life it held pots of plants.
As you can see the poor thing is missing a few finials. I am on the look out for some replacements, but until then I thought I would start this long over due project.  I sanded it until it was smoothed out a bit.

Looking much better but still has a long way to go. I then painted it with antique white paint and heavily distressed it and waxed it with Minwax clear wax. Then I used a stain in dark walnut. It was a bit dark so I went over it again with the Minwax and it took some of the darkness out of the finish. I am new to all of this so I am just experimenting with what I have on hand. So far so good.
Finished product hung up in our guest room finally the day my mother came to visit. I wanted her to see how nice it had turned out.
And of course I had to include my family, I am the baby in the picture. Too cute for words if I may say so myself!

Well now this is one project almost finished, if I can find the missing pieces then I will be happy, but until then this piece is happy hanging in my guestroom so all the generations can enjoy her.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Antique Table Redo...

I have this beautiful old table in my garage that has to be painted and sold ASAP. So this weekend, since it is a long one, I will be hard at work painting and staining.

It was a steal at $15 and very sturdy. I think I will stain the top if possible and paint the legs antique white. I will post later to show you all how it turns out. Now aren't you in love with those legs? I love the fact that there are eight of them. I am like Miss Mustard Seed when it comes to legs.