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Monday, July 23, 2012

I Was Featured!

Today I have the great privilege of being featured on The Graceful Little Honey Bee.  I have never been featured before so this is exciting for me. Please be sure to stop in here to learn a little more about me and to check out one of my new favorite blogs. While you are there be sure to read her Bless Your Nest Series! It’s filled with practical tips on how to be a blessing to your family and in your home. Thanks again Missy for featuring me.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rainbow Crayons and Pinterest Challenge #5

I have been wanting to do this for sometime and finally was able to find enough broken crayons to make them.  Our library at church was cleaning out all the old broken crayons.

Being a Nanna I don't have crayons all over the house like I used to when I had little ones. So I grabbed these and there were a lot. Yay! I found the instructions here.
Preheat your oven to 250 degrees and be sure to spray your tin with some Pam or oil them. Put the broken crayons in the pan and leave in the oven for about 10-12 minutes. Check on them and remove as soon as they are all melted. I freaked a bit when after they cooled they wouldn't come out of the pan. Then I thought to put them in the freezer for a few minutes and they popped right out. Just be sure to put a towel down since I broke a couple as they came out on the counter.

 For my first batch I just put the crayons in willy nilly (yes that is a word). 

They didn't turn out too bad but I thought they were a bit muddy looking.

Then I decided to sort them a bit better and put them in color families.

They turned out much better the second way, see how pretty they are. And through the magic of my blog the round tin produced hearts! Actually I forgot to take a picture of the before in the heart shaped pan which I decided to use since the round ones were a bit boring. 

Now they look good enough to eat.

Just a side note. I took these to church Sunday for my three year old Primary class and they didn't like them. I am not really sure why. I did notice that one of the little boys kept breaking his apart so maybe it was a bit foreign for them. I am not sure if older children would like them. I am giving some to my grandchildren this weekend when we visit and I will keep you posted.

Just a peek at what I have been working on and will let you all see as soon as it is finished.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Giveaway Extended, Hair Flowers & Pins

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The next item up for my Pinterest challenge are these cute fabric flowers that I made to match the skirts from Pinterest challenge #1.  My inspiration came from this site.

Inspiration Photo

So quick and fun to make. My friend Sam and I enjoyed creating them. I think our granddaughters will agree, they are very cute. Now just to see the granddaughters in them. They all live so far away, the closest is in Seattle, a seven hour drive, makes for a sad Nanna.

Sam really didn't want her picture taken, but gotta do it. 

Single Layer

Jacinda has a really good tutorial so I didn't add one here.  I didn't use covered buttons, just regular buttons I already on hand.

Double Layer

 Also I did a variation and used two fabrics, making the larger layer from 2 1/2" circles.

Cute on a Jean Jacket
I also decided to make some of these as pins for friends. I cut these 3" and double layered them with 2 1/2" circles for the top layer. In the center I used large buttons and vintage earrings to finish them off.

On the back I hot glued a piece of felt and then a pin back. I glued a smaller piece over the pin to finish it off.
I really enjoyed making these as you can see, I almost couldn't stop. This is a good way to use up some of the smaller scraps in your stash and make some great gifts as well. I am trying to use only items I already have on hand for my Pinterest Challenges and for this one I only had to buy the hair clips. I had a hard time finding them in our area, but finally found them at Sally's.

I decided I would give the lucky winner of my giveaway one of these pins, along with a few other items such as some of my organic lavender. Just choose which pin you would like. I am extending the giveaway until the end of July so just leave me a comment here and tell me which pin you would like if you win and make sure you follow me as well. And if you don't win and would like to purchase one, they are for sale in my etsy shop.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Williams-Sonoma Herbal Swag Knockoff and My Blogversary Giveaway

I can't believe it, I am not only on my third Pinterest Challenge, but Wednesday is my blogversary! Scroll down to the bottom for more on that. Now back to the challenge. I saw this here.

I really loved the swag, but not the price tag. I grow lavender, rosemary and oregano in my garden so I just went out and picked some. I layered the different herbs until I liked the way they looked, then wrapped a bit of raffia around the top and hung it up in my kitchen. It doesn't quite look the same, but like it and I can snip a bit off when I need it. Fast and easy challenge and best of all it was FREE! Now I want to grow more herbs so I can make larger swags.

Ta Da!

Now onto the most important part of this post. It has been a whole year since I have been blogging. I started July 10, 2011 and feel like I don't know much more than when I started. But there have been some really helpful people out there who have given me a few pointers, now just to impliment them.

I know most people have a giveaway on their blogversary and I think that is a fun thing as well. So here goes. I am not sure what I am giving away just yet, but it will be fun. I am working on some fabric pins so you will get one of those plus a few other goodies. Check out the pins here. If you would like to be in for the drawing, just do one or both of the following, two ways to win:

1- Become a follower and leave me a message telling me that you are.


2- Check out my Etsy shop here and leave me a message telling me what your favorite item is.

Simple that is all there is to it. I will be choosing the winner July 17. Thanks.

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