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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Should I Paint?

I am linking up with  Modern Country Style Paint Please link party today. I have this mirror that I have had for at least 20 years and I am really tired of it. I am not sure if I should paint it, leave it as is or take it apart and hang it on the wall. Suggestions would be appreciated. I had to turn the mirror to the wall since as you know mirrors show too much of the room, so please ignore the angle. Just think 80s style mirror and just in case you wondered what that funny black thing is between the stand and the mirror itself, it is a rolled up sock. Otherwise the mirror tilts forward. Yes it does have issues other than just being ugly!

I also am working on this antique mirror that hung in my families home since before I was born. It was in really sad shape and I have sanded it down. Now what to do with it? Any suggestions? It is missing a few finials that I will have to try to find replacements for, but not sure of a finish for it. 

I think this is the top of an antique organ or something like that. I am 57 and it was old before I was born so it is REALLY old. A really fun piece, one I really want to make look really nice since it does have so many memories attached to it.

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  1. How fun to redo a family favorite and something to remind you that 57 isn't that old. (I am 58.)

    I am popping over from Sarah's great paint party. (Link #34)


  2. Thanks Glenda for reminding me I am not as old as I sometimes feel.

  3. I think the standing mirror would be lovely painted white or black. Don't worry that it has issues... don't we all? The older I get the more issues I have,lol

  4. WELL....you did ask. I am a paint it all kind of gal. I tend to think it brings out the details. If you don't like something as it is, paint is the answer, for me at least. I hope that helps.