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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ruffled Skirts, Pinterest Challenge #1

I am giving myself a Pinterest challenge. Like a lot of you, I am a Pinterest Junkie. I have 83 boards and 5407 pins but never seem to get any of them finished or try out any of the ideas on there, so I am giving myself a challenge to complete or try one item I have pinned each week.

My first challenge was to make some cute ruffled skirts for my granddaughters. I found this great tutorial here.
My inspiration.
I started out with just some fabric I had on hand.

These are the skirts I created. Tanya's directions were very good, the only thing I would suggest is that you need to cut two of each size that she mentions. Anyone who is an experienced seamstress will know this right off, but those who are not may not know that until too late. Also I used a 1/2" seam instead of the 1/4" she suggested so if you do that you need to add 1/4" to all the measurements. I like a bit larger seam since sometimes if it is too small it can tear through.

I got these cute tags online from Pick Your Plum. Makes the skirts so much more special for my little granddaughters. I really enjoyed making these little skirts, they were so fast and easy and I could use up fabric I already had onhand. It was kind of fun trying different combinations. I think the next time I sew one I will try three different fabrics. Can't wait to see them on my little granddaughters.

I had a fun time and now off to create something else. Hummmmm wonder which one I will make next?
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  1. Vikki, I LOVE them. : ) they are so great. Brooklyn will be so, so happy to wear them and twirl around. Can't wait to see you guys...only a month! Thanks for being a wonderful Nana (and exceptionally talented with the sewing machine)!

  2. Vicki,

    That is so cute! I love the ruffle on the hem with a pop of color! Thanks for the pinterest inspiration.