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Thursday, August 11, 2011

He's Home!!

 My son Arick just returned last night from a two year church mission in South Africa. He looks so good, can't believe how much he has changed in two years time. My boy is now a man. I know I am such a mom.

Coming off the plane.

Lots of hugs from Mom and Dad. Neice Zoey there to greet him too.
I wore the traditional outfit he sent me, including the hat. He says all the Mas wear these to church on Sundays.

Checking Durban time. He said he was traveling for 47 hours! Wow, I want to go visit Africa, but not sure I want to travel that long. He looked tired.
We made signs for him.
Lots of friends came to say welcome back.
Welcome home son, you served the Lord well. What more can be said, we love you son.


  1. Wow, you made me well up this morning. You must be so very proud of your son. Africa is a very dangerous place to travel and serve. It is so wonderful to see you all supporting him there upon his return...what a long journey home! I know he will never forget his experience and time spent. Andrea @ townandprairie

  2. Thank you Andrea, we are enjoying him for the short time he will be with us. He has to be back to school on the 29th. He served well and only now do I know how dangerous it was there. I knew, but didn't want to know, you know??

  3. Vikki, I can feel the proudness through the computer and can only imagine how happy you must be to see him again. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

  4. What a wonderful homecoming. You should be very proud. Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Vikki, Thank you for visiting my blog! You must be a very proud mother and I'm glad your son returned home with honor and safely!