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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thanks Baby Kitty

Wow Zeus was so surprised and happy to receive this package from Baby Kitty and Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict. He wanted to jump right in and grab all the goodies.

 Granddaughter Zoey Kitty held him back. 
 Wow what is that? A mouse, give it to me!!

Another little kitty has come to live at our house for the past two weeks. We will be sorry to see her go.
If you want to see the party head over to this site.

Thanks again Baby Kitty.


  1. Hi Vikki! I am so glad Zeus is enjoying his goodie bag! I love your other little "kitty" Miss Zoey, too! She's such a cutie! Thanks again for coming to Baby Kitty's party! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  2. You should hide Zoey in a closet!!! Her parents won't miss her for a little while longer? Maybe if she is very very quiet (like that little mouse)she would get to stay and be on the blog and finish up the chair? Ssssh I won't tell either k? lol

    A kitty present....how very sweet!! Every cat should be so lucky to have a "pen pal"

    Have a great week ~~Wendy

  3. Thanks Wendy, that is a good idea, under the bed, isn't that where kitties hide?

  4. Hi Vikki, you entered my chalk paint give away but you are set up as a no-reply blogger so I have no way to get in touch with you. You might want to change your blog settings but also I can't accept entries without an email address or way to contact you so please email me with a valid email address - Thanks!

  5. Looks like a well loved kitty!

    Thank you for visiting me today.


  6. Hi, Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Your two "Kitties" are both adorable. Have a great week!

  7. What adorable pics! LOVE the dresses you made from sweaters -- lucky little girls!