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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Around the House

I finally got my decorations up and will be posting some of what I have done. I have had so many projects going on this month I haven't been able to post, but the projects are getting finally done. I am hoping to be able to rest the week before Christmas and just bake cookies. I will post some of the finished projects later. I know I should have posted my trees and my mantle separately but since this is my one shot before Christmas to get this posted I did it all in one, so please forgive me.
My mantle is dressed mostly in silver and white although I did leave my clocks up so there is a bit of gold thrown in as well. I made my husbands stocking from old blue jeans with a fleece cuff, made that the first year we were married. My stocking was obtained from a crafts faire and was made from a vintage coat with mink trim and tails. One big splurg three years ago. The Peace stocking holders are from Hobby Lobby bought at clearance last year. There is no Hobby Lobby here so my sweet sister sent them to me. She is always helping me out that way.
The Santa is one that our dear DIL sent us from Germany three years ago when our son was stationed there in the army. The reindeer is from Pier 1 two years ago. Not sure where the silver trees came from, but probably from Michaels last year on clearance and the clocks are all gifts or yard sale finds. If you know anything about me you will know I love clocks and have collected them for years. I also love antique mirrors and there are two of them on my mantle. The white one was found in an old barn.
 This is my Santa tree that I set up in my atrium. It is full of vintage and handmade Santas. The small sleigh is full of vintage ornaments bought a few at a time at the exellent yard sales we have around here.
 This little guy is about 50 years old and I am the only owner. My sister bought him for me when we were children and he has always been one of my treasures. He lives in a display case most of the year, but at Christmas he gets to hang on the tree. One year one of my sons threw a football through the tree and broke him, but I managed to fix him and he is no less for the wear.
This little guy was purchased at a yard sale and I was told he was a German  Santa and was at least 50 years old as well. There were three of them and I kick myself for not buying all three, what was I thinking?
 My main tree all decked out in silver and white, for the most part anyway. I have silver fabric draped beneath for the skirt.
 I found this cute idea on Pinterest and made about a dozen of them to hang on the tree. Very fun to make. 
 I tucked vintage postcards between the branches.
Also an old baby shoe I had made into a pincushion and I thought it might look cute hanging out on the tree.

My chandy lighted and unlighted. I hung more of my vintage ornaments from it.
 This is a puzzle my sister gave me one year that I framed and hang up every year. Love it, I never tire of seeing it, in fact if I could get away with it, I would leave him hanging there all year. You will have to excuse the reflection of the lights from the tree in the picture, but I am too lazy to go back and take another picture.
Last but not least in my elf on a shelf, he never really goes anywhere since there are no small children here, but I do love him. Also my snowman I bought at a crafts faire several years ago and the sign that says it all. I hope all of you will build those memories this wonderful Christmas season that will have us all "still believing." Merry Christmas my friends.



  1. Hi Vikki, so pretty and festive. Just lovely!!


  2. Love it all Vikki. You have a beautiful home and have made it so warm and inviting for the Holidays. Happy to have found your blog and following along. Pop over for a visit sometime!
    Merry Christmas.

  3. From one home with a beautiful tree to another! Your pictures and ornaments are GORGEOUS! I'm glad you left me a sweet note so I could come for a visit! I'm so excited to be your newest follower and would love it if you'd return the "love" on your next visit!!!

    XO, Aimee

  4. Love all your vintage decorations, your trees are very pretty.

  5. Your trees are so pretty and festive! Your home is so beautifully decorated for the holidays!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!