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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Visit to Crater Lake and a Sewing Machine Table Redo

Wow, I haven't blogged in a long time. I have had reasons to not blog, the best was a visit from some very special people. If you check out my granddaughter's dress, I made that for her birthday. She loves it so much her mom said she has to wash it when she is sleeping! So nice to know the dress is loved though.
We had a great time and took the kiddos to Crater Lake. It is so beautifully blue that at times when you take pictures it looks like a backdrop in a photo studio rather than the real lake.
This is my oldest son and his wife and children. The youngest is only six months old.

Well now to the business at hand. I have this awesome old sewing machine cabinet, with an old sewing machine inside as well. It had seen better days and I wanted to update it so it would match the other items that will be in my new craft room. But as a really bad blogger I forgot to take pictures until I was all done.

 I painted the whole in DIY white chalk paint. Then I sanded and distressed it. After that I put a stain on it but I really hated the way it looked. I know, I should have waxed it first but I was in a hurry to get it done. You can tell since I forgot to take pictures of my steps.

 Anyway I started drybrushing on white and turquoise paint, here and there and all around. More and more and finally I started liking how it looked.
 Then after some more sanding and some clear wax I was done.
I love the way it came out and I love the old pulls. They were pretty dirty so I took some steel wool to them and polished them all up and I love they way they look with the new paint job.
I really like how she turned out. Don't you?
She now is in my soon to be craft room. I can't wait to get that all organized and painted. Or maybe that should be painted and organized. I will be blogging along some of the projects for the craft room so stay tuned, I do have some pretty interesting things in store. And I really do promise to start taking before pictures.

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  1. Hi Vikki! What a beautiful family you have. Your granddaughter's dress turned out wonderfully. I love your painted craft room table, too. Thanks so much for visiting me!